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Louise's Bedroom
The dark and humid night consumed the street surroundings, the rain pattered softly against the car window as Scott pulled outside Louise’s house. Louise had never agreed to let Scott visit before and he knew that this would be the only opportunity to make a good impression and be with her in the future. Knowing her from work, Louise wasn't like the other girls, she seemed to be flirty with everyone usually and she was a total knockout. Her beauty surpassed anything Scott has ever seen, she had long brown hair which flowed down to the middle of her back, her face was beautiful, Scott i... Read full Story
I was drinking a little beer on my deck while no one was home. In fact I had the entire property to myself for the entire evening. I ditched my male clothing and put on a simple dress, thong, stockings, cleaned and lubed my asshole, and put in my but-plug. I started messaging guys on grindr even though i Chaturbatenot the best for my purposes it sometimes ne Chaturbatea good fucking. Got a message from a working man staying at the local casino, was pretty forward in his messages so I sobered up a tad, and drove over to his hotel room. I Chaturbatealways the hottest moment when they send the room number, leaving al... Read full Story
Hormonal Family
Hormonal Family My name is Phil, a fairly normal middle-aged guy with a family composed of my wife, Carol, and kids, a son Billy who is 16, and 2 daughters, Sharon who is 19 and Cindy who is 14. I have always been the type of guy who is totally in control of almost every situation in my life whether at home or at work....agressive but not a tyrant by any means. Billy seemed to be following in my footsteps and was often chided by his sisters that he should be a little more polite and considerate. My wife often got on me about the same thing but I didn't see that it was any big de... Read full Story
Big Changes
Big Changes Jess was getting tired of hearing about all the female problems his sisters or his girlfriend were having. It seemed all they talked about was their sore breas Chaturbateor their cramps or their bloating. At times he would just tell them to keep their problems to themselves, that he was tired of hearing them bitching and moaning about stuff that couldn't have been as bad as they let on. Usually one of them would tell him he should have been a girl so he would know what it was like Jess was a 17 year old senior who was surrounded by females. His dad had died ... Read full Story
Webcam girlසුසී
සුසී කියන්නේ Webcam girlකෙනෙක්.එයා ජොබ් එක විදියට කලේ ඇග විකුණන එක.සුසී ගැන කියනවා නම්,එයාගේ දෙමව්පියෝ නෑ.හැදුනේ වැඩුණේ ආච්චි ගාව.අවුරුදු 15 වෙනකොට ආච්චි අන්ත්‍රා වුනා.සුසී තනි වුනා.එයා කඩේක වැඩට ගියා.කඩේ මුදලාලි අතින් සුසී අතවරවලට ලක්වුනා.ඒත් කඩේ මුදලාලිගේ වයිෆ් සුසීට හුගක් ආසයි.සුසී කෙට්ටු කොල්ලෙක් වුනාට පයිය බාවක් වගේ දිගයි.මේ බාව මුලින්ම ඇතුල් කලේ මුදලාලි වයිෆ් ,මාලා ඇන්ටිගේ හුත්තට.මාලා ඇන්ටි හොයපු සෙක්ස් මුදලාලිගෙන් ලැබුණේ නෑ,මොකද මුදලාලිට හොර ගෑනු කිහිපදෙනෙක්ම හිටියා.ඒ ගෑනු මාලාඇන්ටිට වඩා වයසින් අඩු,ලස්සන උන්.මුදලාලිට කුලියට දීපු කඩ කිහිපයක් තිබුණා.තව ඈත පලාත්වල පොල් ඉඩම් එහෙමත් තිබුණා.ඉතින... Read full Story
First Time Fuck with Another TS
Since I fully transitioned to a ChaturbateI've always admired to have a mutual fuck with another Chaturbatelike me. Chaturbatelike me were very rare in my area. I've always fucked lesbian girls who were really getting addicted to me. I really wanted to try out something new. Fortunately that moment came.v recently I went to the usual pup to meet my lesbian friends. I then meet this new face that I have seen before. She was so pretty with a perfect body. Since she was sitting alone, i decided to join her and bought her a drink. This was a lesbian pup. Therefore girls picking up girls was very easy. Af... Read full Story
I drink. A lot . Whenever I get drunk I always wanna suck dick. I always find myself needing a cock in my mouth. But it never happens. I will purposely take the long way home hoping i run into a guy that secretly catches me staring at his dick. But it never happens. In case your wondering I’m married to a female and never had any man on man experience until now. This is the story of THE DICKS. I don’t know about you but when I’m drunk I love fast food. There is a fast food restaurant close to where I live and one drunken night around 3:00am I found myself stumbling in there. ... Read full Story
Goth Trans Girl Confession pt1
This is true confession. A journal entry of sorts. Sep. 2009 Anyway, I would say that my family is pretty open, at least compared to most of the families of trans people that I personally know. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a difficult time as far as there understanding when I my body began changing. I have always been very soft looking with a feminine voice. But it was when my hair started getting long and my breast began developing to the point that they were noticeable that I started getting attention from men. I learned early on that my interes Chaturbatewhere in other wome... Read full Story
Alternative Plans
Another Goth Trans Girl Confession I really enjoyed my first sexual experience. I had gone to the local adult entrainment store and purchased some toys; a butt plug, a 10inch purple dildo, some lube and condoms. I would occasionally play with my toys while watching some internet porn. I loved rough sex and domination. I particularly enjoyed watching facials or video that had "cum in mouth" scenes or tags. I had hung out with Jacob once since our first encounter and things felt pretty normal, no weirdness. We didn't even really talk about what happened the first time although... Read full Story
Oh Astrid!
Like most here I have watched a lot of porn over the years, AST being my favourite site and having enjoyed a lot of she ick beauty of all types, ages and descriptions it became my custom to sample, in real life what pleasures the cock of a beautiful Chaturbate girlmay provide. Most of the escor Chaturbatevisited have been fairly nondescript,airbrushed pics, average dicks, seldom size as advertised, not long ago I came across an ad from a visiting tranny, she looked statuesque and stunning, so with a couple of tex Chaturbateand no reviews I was on my way. Ushered into an upper room of a busy shopping street Astr... Read full Story
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